About Rose

Rose is a Certified Hypnotherapist and has studied energy healing, meditation, natural medicine and remedies, along with numerous spiritual growth practices. But throughout her entire journey of personal growth, Rose has always felt a particular affinity for the energy of animals.

Even as a child, Rose felt a strong connection to animals. Understanding how they feel has always come natural to her.

Nearly fifteen years ago, Rose took her first Animal Communication class and started to actively develop her natural abilities. Through continued study, practice and dedication, she is now a Certified Animal Communicator.

She is also a dedicated advocate for multiple animal rescues, volunteering her time, and often does readings to help with rescued animals.

In her work, she helps pets with challenging life issues and negotiates effective solutions to increase the quality of their lives.

She is able to communicate with any type of pet; cat, dog, turtle, horse, etc. She has even worked with wild animals.

If you would like Rose to work with your animal friend(s), contact her to schedule a session.