Health challenges:

We can find out how your animal is feeling, access any level of pain or discomfort and what may help them feel more comfortable. We can gain insight into their viewpoint of what their needs, concerns and wishes are.

Changes in the household:

Such as a new baby, bringing a new animal into the family, moving etc.
Letting them know about a new baby in advance, helps offset any behavioral issues that may arise.
Animals are very appreciative when their opinion is considered when bringing a new pet into the home and often can help you pick the new family member!
Understanding that you are moving, and where, in advance, helps to alleviate a lot of stress associated with moving.

Behavioral issues:

Barking, chewing, aggression. We work on finding resolutions that work for both you and your animal companions.

Emotional issues:

Anxiety, grief, calming fears, trauma.

Aging and end-of-life:

Finding out what your animal wants and needs for the end of life will help you feel more comfortable that you are taking the best possible care of your animal friend at that time. Lovingly supporting them in their transition.

Enhancing love and support:
Increasing harmony with people and other animals in the family.