What is an Animal Communicator?

An animal communicator is one who can understand and translate the thoughts, feelings and sensations of an animal.


Our animal companions receive our thoughts and information naturally. They communicate energetically and telepathically in the animal kingdom.

For us to be able to receive their information requires us to be in a calm state of mind and allow our hearts to be open. It’s important to put aside your thoughts and trust your intuition when receiving information.

As an animal communicator I consciously tune in to this innate ability allowing myself to hear and receive pictures and impressions from your animal. Sometimes I have feelings and sensations in my body just like your animal feels.

I am communicating with the animals energy and spirit and can ask questions and receive answers. It doesn’t matter if I’m with the animal in person or if there’s a great distance between us. There’s no restriction because communication is completely on an energetic level.


Reasons to Consider a Consultation
• Receive clarity about your animal’s feelings and thoughts; gain
insight into their viewpoint, needs, desires and concerns.

• Communicate a message, pose questions and get direct answers.

• Address and resolve behavior concerns.

• Understand dynamics and create harmony in multi-animal households.

• Explore your animal’s perspective on health issues and therapies.

• Comfort during transitions; help animals recover from trauma
and fear.
• Assist a rescued or adopted animal adjust to a new home.

• Receive death, dying, and grief support.

• Connect with an animal that has transitioned from the physical to
the spiritual realm.

• Access the greater spiritual reasons that your animal companion
chose to be here with you.

• Enhance your human/animal bond.

I believe we all have this innate ability to communicate telepathically with animals. With practice and openness, you could be talking with your animal companions too!